Curation! What is it Good For?

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Like many writers on this platform, I’d been chasing the Holy Grail of Medium Curation without any clear idea of what, if anything, being touched by that ole Curator Magic actually meant, besides a gratifying Ego Boost (and bragging rights on the Medium Mastery Facebook page.)

Did a Curated story make more money? Attract more readers? Bring more fans? Who knew?

Some of my stories had been curated. Some had not. Because there was no way to know how a curated story would have done had it not been curated (or vice versa) Curation’s impact remained a mystery.

Then I happened upon an ideal test case. Two of my humor pieces were published on the same day. Both (at least in my opinion) were equally funny. And both appeared in magazines. The only real difference between the two?

One, Medium — the Musical! was curated.

The other — Welcome to your Local Public Library! Please take Your Dildos With You When You Leave — was not.

A week later, here are the relevant stats:

The uncurated story received 932 reads, had 44 fans and, so far, has made me $7.

The curated story received 113 reads, had 60 fans and, so far, has made me $5.

So, for what it’s worth, in this particular case, Curation seems to have cost me $2. And it didn’t bring in more readers, but it brought me more fans. Not to mention that undeniably pleasant Ego Boost. (And, of course, your own results may vary.)

The takeaway?

It’s fun to be Curated. But it’s no tragedy if you aren’t.

Which means? The best thing to do is keep on writing and enjoy whatever Medium brings, whether your work is blessed by Curation or not.

So, knowing what I now know, do I want this story to be Curated?

Take a guess.

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Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren( ( writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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