Deaf Hefner! Jews in Space! Time for Andy Warhol!

What I Learned from Magazines this month

Roz Warren, Writing Coach


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I read a lot of magazines and I like to share what I’ve learned. Here’s what I learned from reading magazines this month:

Ringo Starr is a great-grandfather. (AARP Magazine1/24)

When he died Andy Warhol owned 313 watches. (Town and Country 11/23)

George H.W. Bush once signed a note to his wife, “Your sweetie-pie coo-coo.” (The Week, 2/23/24)

Researchers have concluded that sex in space is “feasible.” (The Week, 12/8/23)

Twenty six percent of K-12 teachers have caught a student cheating using ChatGPT. (Town and Country, 11/23)

America’s most in-demand job is “wind-turbine service technician,” a job which requires, among other things, “rappelling off water towers.” (The Week 12/22/23)

Hugh Hefner took so much Viagra he went deaf in one ear. (The Week, 2/16/24)

NASA is planning to build houses on the moon by 2040. (The Week, 12/8/23)

Mr. Spock’s catch-phrase, “Live long and prosper” is a paraphrase of a blessing Leonard Nimoy learned growing up as an Orthodox Jew. (The New Yorker, 1/1/24)



Roz Warren, Writing Coach

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