Death! Jaws! Talking to Strangers!

The 3 Funniest Posts I Read on Medium this Week

Roz Warren, Writing Coach


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Although Medium isn’t thought of as a humor platform, there are plenty of funny stories here if you know where to look. But just in case you don’t? Here are the 3 funniest stories I read on Medium this week:

I Wrote My Eulogy and It’s Not Funny.

Death! It’s a great set-up for a joke. Pam Gaslow does it justice with a snarky eulogy she wrote about herself.

How to Recreate Scenes from Jaws Movies Using Everyday Household Items and a Giant Crocheted Shark

I’ve been on Medium for five years and I’ve never read anything like this humor piece. I’ve published fifteen humor anthologies and read zillions of funny stories, and I’ve never read anything like this humor piece. This humor piece by Rodney Lacroix is unique. And it’s funny as hell.

23 Questions Complete Strangers Ask Me All the Time

Brilliant, self-deprecating multi-millionaire Sanjay Singhal riffs about everything from buying Teslas to being Bipolar in a post that’s both honest and funny.

Have you read — or written — anything hilarious on Medium lately? Please share the link as a response to this post. These days, we need all the laughs we can get.

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