Do Not Clap For This Post

I’m Serious. Just. Don’t.

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You are a generous-spirited Medium reader.

You are aware of the fact that Claps are the Currency of Medium.

To clap is to engage. To inspire! To reward me for writing and to encourage me to keep writing.

You landed here, so you want to clap.

Clapping is how you say “Hi Roz! I’m here!”

Or “Hi Roz! Good work!”

Or — if you give me just one measly clap?

“Hi Roz! Your writing sucks!”


I’m asking that you refrain from clapping at all.

Just this once.


Together, we can create a small Medium Miracle!

A post with 100 views but NO CLAPS.

I want to make ZERO money from this one!

It could constitute a ground-breaking work of Medium Conceptual Art! Like this one:

Not only that but we’ll be running a little exploration of the algorithm together.

If 100 people read but don’t clap, we’ll be able to tell if reads without claps matter, paycheck-wise.

Or if, as rumored, a read without a clap is meaningless.

Thus? You are now taking part in both a work of Medium Conceptual Art and an exploration of the Mysterious Medium Algorithm.

And? A test of your will power.

I know you. I know that my Medium Tribe are a bunch of smart-asses.

Which means? To refrain from clapping will be a challenge for you.

Why? If somebody says DONT DO THIS.

Your first impulse is to DO THIS.

But just this once?

Do not applaud! Sit on your hands.

Better yet? Redirect that positive energy!

Comment or highlight instead.

Or step away from your device altogether and walk the dog.

I have no idea if this will work. Or what we’ll learn about ourselves or about Medium.

The only thing I know for sure?

There’s no way this post is going to be curated.

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Written by

Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren( ( writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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