Fascinating read.

Boy do I feel sorry for Nate’s wife. He’s obviously a player.

Not to mention a schmuck.

And you know that she will find out about you two, right? When she catches him with whatever side chick she does find out about, the whole thing will unravel and she’ll learn the truth about what kind of friend you actually are.

When I learned that the man I’d loved and trusted had a side chick — I cut him loose but I didn’t phone his side chick’s husband to rat her out. But I still could. And I just might.

Most of the secrets eventually come out.

YOu could get a terrific book out of this and I hope you do.

Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren(https://muckrack.com/roz-warren) (roSwarren@gmail.com) writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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