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  • Bruce Brill

    Bruce Brill

    Musician, entertainer, singer, sentence former, voice overer, dish disinfectioner, approximate professional bingo caller, et al

  • Basam


    I’m a developer and full-time student. Follow me for tips/tricks I found useful in Swift and Python. Check out my publication: https://medium.com/cracking-swift

  • Latin Eros

    Latin Eros

    Happily married man with a leash just long enough and an insatiable appetite for sex. Eros was the God of eroticism and I am his off spring reincarnated.

  • Annie Trevaskis

    Annie Trevaskis

    Autism, healing, health. Retired UK acupuncturist, coming to terms with the recent, welcome discovery that I am on the autistic spectrum. I write sporadically.

  • A. McNabb

    A. McNabb

    Proud multipotentialite :)

  • Katharine Trauger

    Katharine Trauger

    Jesus lover. Professional Mom. Writer, Speaker, Counselor. Contest winner. Woods dweller. Scratch cook. Sorry your house really IS on fire. TheConqueringMom.com

  • Jean Elizabeth Glass

    Jean Elizabeth Glass

    I write things. A lot. I love to travel. I edit and create content. Need help with words? I can help. jean@wordsmithweb.com

  • Jillian Amatt - Artistic Voyages

    Jillian Amatt - Artistic Voyages

    I have been traveling for my whole life and full-time since 2017. I am an artist, writer, and serious steward of our beloved planet. www.artisticvoyages.com

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