From Now On? It’s All About The Reads

Who Needs To Make Money On Medium Anyway?

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The best thing about being a wealthy heiress is that when Medium decides to start paying me based on how long it takes readers to read my work instead of how much they enjoy it, and my earnings, as a result, go right into the toilet, I can just laugh and shrug and exclaim, “Who needs more money anyway?”

At least I imagine that’s how it would feel.

Once upon a time, I actually made money on Medium.

Then the rules changed (Thanks, Ev Williams!)

Now I am making, technically, zilch.

This leaves me with two options:

  1. Leave Medium.
  2. Stick around.

I’ve been having so much fun here!

And yet? My stats are making me sad.

So? For the sake of my own sanity, I’ve decided to focus on a different stat.


Not Read Time.

Just reads.

Going forward? I don’t give a shit how much time you spend reading my posts.

Because even if you linger on them for as l-o-n-g a-s y-o-u p-o-s-s-i-b-l-y c-a-n, they’re still short posts, which means that I’ll make, at most, just 2 cents from each read. Which is basically nothing.

So? Starting now, I plan to stop paying attention to how much money I’m making (or failing to make) here.

Going forward? It’s all about Ego Gratification!

People are reading my work. And they’re enjoying it.

I’ll focus on that instead.

My original Medium goal was to make $100 a week here.

And I did!

But now? I don’t. (Nor will I ever, under the current system.)

My new goal? I’d like to get to 500 reads a day.

The idea of 500 people reading my work every day makes me happy.

Not rich.

But happy.

Money isn’t everything.

Twenty-one years ago, I left the practice of law to take a job at my local public library because I decided that having a lot of fun was more important to me than having a lot of money.

It was the right choice.

I’m choosing to stick with Medium for the same reason.

Thanks for reading me!

( Roz Warren, FBTA, is the author of two collections of library and book-related humor, Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor, and Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library, both of which would make great gifts for your favorite librarian or other bookish friend. If you enjoyed this post by Roz Warren, you might enjoy this one too.)

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Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren( ( writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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