I am NOT the Roz Warren Who Got Covid.

At Least Not Yet

Roz Warren, Writing Coach
3 min readApr 19, 2020


At 65, I am in the high risk category. So I’ll be hiding under the bed until this all blows over.

I am into gratitude and one of the things I am particularly grateful for today is that I am not the Rosalind Warren who got Covid-19.

But Google Alerts assumed that I was, so it just sent me this news story about the Rosalind Warren who did get Covid.

Rosalind Warren is an unusual name. There aren’t that many of us. Over the years, I’ve become aware of only a few others.

The most notable being the time I Googled myself and learned that “I” had died — when a random Google search for my name pulled up an obit for former model Rosalind Warren.

That Roz, to quote her obit, had been “one of the reigning queens of the 50s and 60s on Seventh Avenue… who “showed privately for Jacqueline Kennedy and The Duchess of Windsor and was a personal favorite of Lady Bird Johnson.” Not only that but “Charles James insisted that all Saks mannequins be patterned after her figure.”

So not me.

The Rosalind Warren who recently got Covid isn’t a supermodel. She’s a nurse who lives in Arkansas and whose strong faith sustained her through her coronavirus ordeal.

“I’m not going to say I had a mild case,” she says in this news story. “I’m gonna say that I have a great big God and that He covered me.”

Because I’m an atheist, this Rosalind Warren would never say that. But the fact that I don’t believe in God doesn’t stop me from finding Rosalind’s testament to her faith very moving.

As my dad, a psychoanalyst, used to say about getting through a crisis — “Whatever works.”

All I know is that if I do get Covid, I’ll have to get through it without God. But I’m pretty sure that atheists recover from Covid too.

Hopefully, I won’t have to put that to the test.

In any event, I remain grateful. Grateful that I’m not the Roz Warren who got Covid. And grateful that the Roz Warren who did has made a full…



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