I’m Thinking of Quitting My Job So I Can Pursue My True Purpose In Life

Which Is? Keeping Up-To-Date on David Tennant

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David Tennant (Photo used with permission of Rach from Tadcaster, York, England [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons”)

David Tennant is the adorable Scottish actor who played the Tenth Doctor on the popular BBC SciFi TV series “Doctor Who.” In 2010, after four years in that role, he left the show to appear in other successful TV shows. (He recently played the demon Crowley in “Good Omens.”)

Tennant leads a very busy and productive life. He does interviews, hosts a podcast, appears on television and in movies, and speaks at Comicons. He’s even starred in Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

You have to stay busy to follow it all. It helps that there’s a Daily David Twitter Feed to provide fans with Tennant-related news and clips.

Still, keeping up with all this stuff is time-consuming, which is why it could make sense to quit my job as a circulation assistant at my local public library in order to focus on David Tennant.

Why? Because it’s fun.

Fun doesn’t grow on trees, and if you find something that I enjoy as much as I enjoy following the career of David Tennant, why not pursue it?

I’ve done this kind of thing before. When I was 10, I devoted hours to working on my David McCallum scrapbook. McCallum was the adorable Scottish actor who starred in the popular TV show “The Man From UNCLE.”

Every week I spent my allowance on fan magazines. I’d read and reread each article, then carefully cut it out and paste it into an oversized notebook.

That was fun too.

What’s so great about David Tennant? He’s perfect! Attractive. Smart. Funny. Charming.

But would I actually want to meet the guy? To be honest? I’m not so sure.

What would a mild-mannered AARP-aged Philadelphia librarian actually have to say to a highly successful (and considerably younger) Scottish actor?

We have nothing in common, other than the fact that he is (obviously) David Tennant and I’m a fan of David Tennant.

But in my heart of hearts, you ask, wouldn’t I love it if David Tennant walked into my library, took one look at me, and fell madly in love?

Even as a fantasy, it’s hard to imagine that working out. Besides which, he’s married. To a terrific woman. (I follow her on Twitter.) They have a loving marriage. And four kids, with one on the way.

I care too much about David Tennant’s happiness to want to break up his happy home.

What the two of us have now works for us both. He appears in things, and I watch — or listen to — the things he appears in. (Usually more than once.) He gives interviews and I read (or watch) the interviews.

To be honest, if David Tennant (or, for that matter, David McCallum) strolled into the library where I work tomorrow, although I’d like to think that I’d rise to the occasion and be witty and charming, it‘s far more likely that I‘d turn into a gibbering Fangirl.

Luckily, that’s something I’ll never have to worry about.

The purpose of David Tennant is to make my life more interesting. He is very good at this. And I am grateful. (Thanks, David!) Will I quit my job so that I can follow David’s career full time? No, but it’s fun to think about.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t checked the Daily David feed yet.

( Roz Warren is grateful for every person who reads her work. Thanks for being one of them.)

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Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren(https://muckrack.com/roz-warren) (roSwarren@gmail.com) writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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