Medium to Poets and Humorists: Drop Dead!

How’s the New Payment System? So Far, So Bad

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Here in the Post-Clap Era, Medium Writers are no longer paid on the basis of how much readers enjoy — and clap for — their work.

Now all that matters is how long a paying member (or future paying member) spends reading it.

A reader can be dutifully plugging their way through your interminable 12-minute post, thinking “Wow! I’ve Never Read Anything so Boring!” “This Totally Sucks!” Shoot Me Now!”

Not to worry!

As long as you captured their eyeballs for a full 12 minutes?

The Medium Money Truck will be happy to pull right up and dump piles of $$ on your lawn.

But write a quick funny post or a compelling little poem that a reader falls in love with but takes just seconds to read?

Pennies for you, pal.

So how’s the new system working out for me, a writer of short humor pieces and snarky Haiku?

Take a look. I recently published two little poems about Medium.

This 20-second read, published in the Halcyon Days of the Clap Era, got 2,500 Claps from 98 fans. It earned $12!

But this quite similar 20- second read, published in the Brave New World of the Post-Clap Era?

So far it has received 1,000 claps from 41 fans, for a total of…

(Cue drum roll and clash of cymbals…)

Forty-six cents.

So — how do I like the New Payment Metric?

Not so much.

My conclusion?

It’s a great system if you want to eliminate two line poems.

Maybe the system will be tweaked. Improved. Fine-tuned.

Or not.

I totally get it.

I love Medium, but this isn’t my world and I don’t get to make the rules.

This is Evan Williams’s sandbox. We’re just playing in it.

Evan Williams isn’t here to make me happy.

And? He’s doing a great job.

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