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You May Have Exposed Me To Way Too Much Self-Help Gibberish, Boasting about Stats, and Mediocre Poetry. But You’ve Also Broadened My Outlook and Expanded My Reading Horizons

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This adorable puppy doesn’t know a thing about Blockchain. (Photo by Martin Moreno on Unsplash)

I am a Medium Clap Backer.

Which means? If you clap for me, I will do my best to find something you’ve written and read and applaud it.

It seems only fair. But it can be a challenge.

When I first joined Medium, a writer would clap for me and I’d diligently search through their work for something to read so I could return the favor.

Which is how I ended up reading dozens of posts about blockchain.

I had no idea what blockchain was, but if you gave my latest snarky humor piece 50 claps I was going to commit 10 minutes of my life (as estimated by Medium) to reading your shiny new jargon-filled post about Blockchain and find something about that I could appreciate and applaud if it killed me.

Which it nearly did.

I still don’t know what blockchain is. I‘m pretty sure it has something to do with bitcoin.

Which I don’t really understand either.

In my quest to clap back, I’ve also I read oodles of poetry.

I never liked poetry.

But if you’ve clapped for me and you only write poetry or 15- minute- long posts about blockchain? I’m reading your poem.

And guess what?

After reading hundreds of poems here, I began to recognize that some of them were pretty good.

And that I was actually enjoying them.

Which means?

Clapping back on Medium has expanded my reading “palate.”

I am now a person who is actually capable of enjoying a poem!

The truth is that I have now read and come to enjoy a lot more topics and forms of expression and points of view (and blogging about life experience) than I ever did before I joined this platform.

And I’d like to think that there are Medium readers whose minds have been similarly expanded by reading my stuff too.

The takeaway?

Meanwhile, I have promised myself that when I finally understand blockchain, I will allow myself to stop reading about it.

Maybe your next blockchain post will be the one that enlightens me.

And if you write the definitive epic poem about Blockchain that finally illuminates its ultimate meaning and unpacks all its mysteries?

You’re definitely getting 50 claps from me.

Roz Warren is grateful for every person who reads her work. Thanks for being one of them.)

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Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren( ( writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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