Thanks, Medium Writers and Artists, For Helping Me Vacuum!

My House Is Much Cleaner Now That Medium Has Changed the Payment Metric

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Medium used to pay writers based on how much readers enjoyed our work. Now, we’re only paid for the amount of time they spend reading it.

This puts the creators of humor, poetry, photography, cartoons and other short posts at a profound disadvantage.

What can we do to help them?

Here’s one suggestion:

Whenever I read a short post that I particularly enjoy, I leave it up on my screen for an extra minute while I tackle a quick household chore.

I read a haiku — then it sits on the screen while I make the bed.

I enjoy a great photo — but I don’t move on to another post until I’ve vacuumed under the sofa.

I laugh at a cartoon — then continue to snicker as I wash a few dishes.

Am I thinking about your brief, delightful post while I’m cleaning or dusting or vacuuming? (And thus continuing to engage with it, although I’m not, technically, sitting in front of the screen upon which it continues to be displayed?)


Can Medium tell that I’m wiping off the bathroom sink instead of reading your poem or cartoon?

Who knows?

All I know is that I may be making a lot less money on Medium this month — but my house has never looked better.

Thanks, Medium!

( Roz Warren is the author of two collections of library and book-related humor, Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor, and Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library, both of which would make great gifts for your favorite librarian or other bookish friend. If you enjoyed this post by Roz Warren, you might enjoy this one too.)

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Writing Coach/Medium Sherpa Roz Warren( ( writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.

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