That Totally Implausible But Entirely Satisfying Month in Tuscany

Inglath Cooper’s Latest Romantic Romp

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Any woman whose marriage has imploded when she learns that her husband is a cheating cad would love to rebound into the arms of a famous rock star which just doesn’t happen, except for in the pages of Inglath Cooper’s latest novel, that month in Tuscany, where it definitely does.

Housewife Lizzy Harper has planned a 20th anniversary trip to Florence so she and workaholic hubby Ty can rekindle their once-hot romance, but Ty cancels at the very last moment.

So Lizzy defiantly goes alone and inflight, stumbling back from the bathroom in the First Class section, she falls into the lap of rock star Ren Sawyer, who is instantly attracted to her, even though his girlfriend is a hot supermodel.

Yeah, that could happen.

Sexy-but-sensitive Ren is trying to heal from a major life trauma, and Lizzy is struggling to cope with her hubby’s rejection, and they end up running around Italy together, in a relationship that starts out as clandestine and chaste, but doesn’t stay that way.

Especially when Lizzy’s best friend catches Ty committing adultery and lets Lizzy know about it.

Meanwhile, there are papparatzi and police and luxury accomodations and a stray puppy to rescue.

And then Lizzy’s husband flies to Italy to try to win her back.

While the action takes place in Italy, the focus is on relationships, not just between Lizzy and her men, but also between Lizzy and her teenaged daughter (who gets caught up in an equally implausible side plot)and Lizzy and the terrific best friend who always has her back.

The writing is good enough to carry the plot (and there’s plenty of plot), the tale moves along at a rapid clip, and the reader is rewarded with a happy ending (as well as imbued with a desire to see what other fun stuff Inglath Cooper has written.)

None of this could ever really happen, but isn’t that just the point of escape reading? Inglath Cooper isn’t Dostoyevsky but who the hell would want her to be?

A delightful book for the beach or bathtub.

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