Watching Cats is Even Better Than Watching Cable

The Passion! The Drama! The Captivating Cuteness!

Roz Warren, Writing Coach
3 min readMar 8, 2021


Photo by Dan Wayman on Unsplash

My neighbor Amy recently added another cat to her household, bringing the Cat Total at their place to four.

Casanova immediately began struggling to find a place in his new feline family, generally making a whopping nuisance of himself as far as his new cat sisters were concerned.

Amy and I used to enjoy morning coffee together in her dining room. It was pleasant and peaceful. We’d chat and sip our coffee, with maybe a cat dozing on the window ledge and another curled up on a chair in the corner.

After Casanova entered the mix, there was nothing peaceful about Amy’s dining room. Suddenly, it was nonstop Cat Drama.

Lulu would be sitting in the window. Casanova would jump up to join her. She’d hiss at him, they’d tussle and she’d drive him off with an angry swat.

Next, he’d eye Shelby, stretched out on “her” comfy chair. There was definitely room for another cat on that chair. If she’d just move over a bit. He’d inch closer…

Shelby would lift her head and give him a look that said “try it and die.”

So he’d try to make friends with Whiskers, and get chased around the room a few times for his efforts. Sometimes the other cats would join in a rollicking game of “Let’s Chase Casanova.”

When Amy only had three cats, her home was calm and quiet. But when she brought in a fourth? Everything changed. Not only do the older cats fight the new cat, but now they skirmish with each other more too.

Amy had hesitated before getting a fourth cat.

She’d posted a photo of her daughter on Facebook, cuddling Casanova at the local cat shelter. “If we adopt this cat and bring her home,” Amy asked her Facebook friends, “will it make me a crazy cat lady?”

Their responses came quickly:




Go for it!

“I don’t understand the question,” added one friend. “But then I have 11 cats.”



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